over 7 years of experience

CS Degree

💪 React, TypeScript, UX/UI, Web3 + AWS, NodeJS, DynamoDB

Web3 with React & TypeScript

Front-end Engineer at Terraform Labs

Over 2 years

(Mar 2022 - Present)

Managed the end-to-end development of all front-end and server-side components within a monorepo for the DAO management protocol

Making front-end for two experimental NFT protocols for decentralized story creation

Building new features for the Anchor protocol

Front-end Engineer at IOG

5 months

(Sep 2021 - Feb 2022)

Developing front-end for a Cardano light wallet -

Front-end Engineer at Zerion

10 months

(Oct 2020 - Aug 2021)

Implementing interfaces for wallets management

Improving UX of the trading experience

Adding internalization to the

Full-Stack Development

Senior Software Developer at Kontist

About 1 year

(Jul 2019 - Sep 2020)

Technical planning and code reviews

Adding features to the native app

Developing a new web app

Improving sign up conversion


React Native, React, NodeJS, PostgreSQL

Software Developer at KREO

About 2 years

(Apr 2017 - Jun 2019)

Implementing complex interfaces

Frontend architecture

Managing infrastructure

Developing microservices


React, Redux, Terraform, AWS, NodeJS, DynamoDB

Making Content & Tools


$3K total revenue

A productivity toolkit for remote workers

Full-stack development within a TypeScript monorepo

Designing a B2C SaaS product

Speedy setup for robust full-stack monorepo projects

Radzion Dev

1.4k+ subscribers

A YouTube channel about web development